For Your Office

We will prepare the following meals for four people to many more. Unless otherwise noted or requested all meals are delivered in a “drop & go” arrangement, or with accompanying chefs and waiters on request.


Let us kick start your day:

  • A quick breakfast snack platter before a meeting or training session
  • A full buffet breakfast with hot & cold options, self served or with assistance from our staff
  • An executive plated breakfast prepared at your premises by our chefs

Click here for Some Breakfast Menu Suggestions!

Breakfast & Brunch Ideas

All menu items are beautifully presented on platters or from chaffing dishes.
Beverages to accompany breakfast can also be requested such as freshly squeezed fruit juice, bottled water, filter coffee, envelopes of tea and/or sachets of instant coffee and hot chocolate.

Ideas for a quick simple finger breakfast:
Ideal for corporates with delegates arriving for training or for a “sunrise” meeting

  • Standard or bite-sized muffins
  • Individual muffin sized quiches
  • Cocktail croissants with assorted fillings
  • Seasonal fruit skewers
  • Danish pastries
  • Chocolate chip pastry twists
  • Glasses of granola, yoghurt & seasonal fruit
  • Mini loaves of homemade seed bread, made with yoghurt - accompaniments of butter, preserves, cold meats and cheese.
  • Cocktail sausages – pork or beef with homemade mustard for dipping

Ideas for a cocktail Breakfast

  • Mini pepper scones topped with cream cheese, smoked trout & chives
  • Cocktail croissants with smoked turkey, avocardo crush, brie cheese & cranberry preserve
  • Toasted Bruschetta with a dollop of mustard and chive cream cheese, crisp bacon shards and a slow roasted baby plum tomato.
  • Little blue cheese quiche with roasted rosa tomatoes & torn basil
  • One bite bacon and parmesan scrambled egg with chives.
  • Assorted mini Danish pastries with sugar glaze.
  • Champagne flutes layered with muesli, fresh strawberries and thick yogurt drizzled with honey.
  • Assorted seasonal fruity frosted cupcakes and muffins.
  • Fresh fruit skewers with a honey and yogurt dip

Ideas for a Breakfast or Brunch Buffet

  • Fresh exotic fruit platter drizzled with honey and a mint chiffonade
  • Coconut infused scones crowned with sour cream, fresh strawberries and honey
  • Boutique farm cheese with fresh fruit, preserves, homemade breads, butter & melba toast
  • Beef, Lamb or Pork sausages
  • Grilled tomatoes topped with cheese & herbs
  • Mushrooms sauteed with thyme butter and garlic.
  • Crispy bacon or bacon and cheese grillers
  • Herb sautéed potatoes or a hash brown and cheese bake
  • Scrambled eggs with chives or smoked salmon and cracked black pepper
  • A cheesy egg “soufflé”


We offer a wide variety of options for business and private clients alike.
We also have Plated Breakfast Menu options.
Please contact us for more information.


Tea Time Snack

A little something during refreshment breaks to sustain your guests' energy levels.


Finger Lunch

Whether for a casual affair or an executive styled working luncheon, all our finger food items are served from elegant ceramic platters which are beautifully garnished. Make a selection from our wide variety of freshly made finger foods and design your perfect platter of deliciousness.

Click here for Some Finger Food Menu Suggestions!

Finger Lunch Ideas

All menu items are beautifully presented on platters or from chaffing dishes.
Beverages to accompany your order can also be requested such as freshly squeezed fruit juice, bottled water, tinned soft drinks or boxed fruit juice.

Pastry items served on ceramic platters may be warmed in a preheated oven for a few minutes just before serving, or placed on a hot tray.

Ideas for a simple finger lunch:
Ideal for informal staff meetings or training lunches

  • Slow roasted cocktail chicken drummies
  • Cocktail sausages with our delicious homemade mustard
  • Cocktail chicken pies
  • Greek salad on a stick
  • Sandwich quarters or open sandwiches
  • Spring rolls or traditionally made Samoosas
  • Seasonal fruit skewers

Ideas for a mid-range finger lunch:
Ideal for management meetings or a casual client meeting

  • Smoked chicken salad tart with carrot jam topping
  • Homemade meat balls topped with a melted cheddar “blanket” and roasted cherry tomato
  • Parmesan scone crowned with goats cheese, olive tapenade & parsley
  • Open sandwich of paprika & lemon Kassler with sour cream & cucumber ribbons
  • Beef sausage & chive quiche – muffin sized
  • Puff pastry foldover filled with beef bolognaise & mozzarella cheese
  • Sweet chilli chicken skewer with an avocado cream cheese dip
  • Smoked salmon on half a bagel with cream cheese & greens
  • Mini cheese burger
  • Add a finger dessert option for a sweet end

Ideas for an Executive finger lunch:
Ideal for board meetings or a more formal client interaction

  • Balinese chicken on lemon grass skewers
  • Greek lamb phyllo roll
  • Chicken, bacon & mozzarella roulade medallions
  • Rare roast beef fillet on an open sandwich with rocket, blue cheese & onion marmalade
  • Thai styled tiger prawn on a lemon grass skewer
  • Brie cheese & roasted pear quiche – muffin sized
  • Duck & mandarin orange Vietnamese rice paper rolls
  • Toasted chourico ‘cup’ inset with feta, roast tomato & fresh mint chiffonade
  • Add a finger dessert option or two for a sweet end


We offer a wide variety of options for business and private clients alike.
Please contact us for more information.


A Hot Meal / Buffet Lunch

Served from casserole dishes for small groups, or from chaffing dishes for larger groups our home styled freshly cooked meals will ‘hit the spot’. Finish these off with some fruit, a dessert or cheese & biscuits.

Click here for Some Buffet Menu Suggestions!

Hot Meal / Buffet Lunch Ideas

Meals are delivered in casserole dishes for smaller groups or in chaffing dishes for large groups.
Meals in casserole dishes can be warmed on a hot-tray or in a preheated oven.
Beverages to accompany your order can also be requested as well as paper napkins.
Should you not have the appropriate serving utensils or cutlery and crockery, these can be easily hired and delivered with your order.

Ideas for a simple buffet meal:
Ideal for daily staff meals or a training lunch. Our “training menu” allows you to mix and match menu items to meet your budget requirements.

  • Chicken fillet stuffed with basil pesto in a Napolitana sauce
  • Spaghetti bolognaise
  • Creamy smoked salmon and leek pasta
  • Pork Bangers & Mash
  • Individual pepper steak pies
  • Chicken a la king
  • Beef curry
  • Chicken or beef lasagna
  • Cottage pie made with beef & Guinness
  • Sweet & sour meat balls

Choose from a list of accompaniments to match your chosen meal, from a variety of salads, vegetables and starch. Spoil your diners by adding our farm style homemade bread rolls.

Ideas for an Executive buffet meal:
Ideal for management and board meetings or an office celebration. Self served, or assisted by waiters /chefs.

  • Lamb shank prepared with red wine, star anise, chourico, carrots and courgette. Accompanied best with mashed potato and a feta and olive salad.
  • Venison goulash with sour cream & jalapeno peppers. Accompanied best with parsley rice and a vegetable dish of your choice.
  • Bacon wrapped roast beef fillet with a mushroom and mustard sauce. Recommended with baby potatoes and a salad of your choice.
  • A summer dish of poached Scottish salmon, served cold with a lemon and tarragon dressing. Accompany this with the perfect ‘dance partners’ - a crème fraiche potato salad and a cucumber salad with fresh dill.
  • Duck in a red Thai curry with lychees & pineapple. Fragrant jasmine rice and a peanut and carrot salad work well with this dish.

Add our homemade artisan bread for a hearty meal and finish your lunch off with a boutique cheese board or a dessert option.


We offer a wide variety of options for self served buffet and chef/waiter assisted buffet meals for business and private clients alike. Please contact us for more information.


Plated Meals

For plated boardroom lunches, we can give you 3 – 5 course restaurant experience without the associated background noise and prying ears. We can supply all linen, cutlery, crockery and glassware if required, in a casual semblance or in a more executive style with sliver plate and cut crystal.

Click here for Some Plated Menu Suggestions!

A Plated Lunch

From two to five courses – let us serve you in the privacy of your offices.
Depending on the amount of guests and the menu chosen, an operational stove top and oven are necessary. Should these not be available hired ovens or stove tops can be arranged.
Should you like assistance with the appropriate serving utensils, cutlery, crockery, linen or glassware, these too can easily be hired and delivered. Have our waiters set your table and serve you discreetly.

Menu ideas for a 3 course plated luncheon:


  • Vichyssoise – a chilled potato and leek soup
  • Apricot and basil pesto tarts with baby salad greens
  • Thai styled prawns and glass noodle salad
  • Bruschetta topped goat’s cheese, roasted red capsicum & olive tapenade on a bed of dressed garden rocket
  • Escargots à la Bourguignonne – snails baked in a ramekin with butter, shallot, garlic, parsley & white wine


  • Beef fillet topped with warm brie and crisp Parma ham served with a port jus
  • Chicken stuffed with Mozzarella and basil pesto wrapped in Bacon in a Napolitana sauce
  • Slow red wine braised oxtail with button mushrooms and shallots
  • Oven-baked Scottish salmon with pistachio honey crust with parsnip puree
  • Springbok shank on a bed of crushed root vegetables with red wine gravy
  • Chinese Duck and Shiitake mushroom pot pie


  • Classic Crème Brulee
  • Warm dark chocolate tart with a white chocolate infused mascarpone
  • Whiskey and marmalade bread and butter pudding inset with slices of granny smith apples
  • Peach and pistachio tartlets with vanilla scented crème fraiche
  • Cardamom-spiced meringues with strawberries and rose water
  • Chocolate Fondant
  • Chocolate brownie tiramisu with pecans & Kahlúa
  • A boutique cheese board with preserves, fruit and biscuits

Please note that our menus change from time to time and are an illustration of what we do.



Call us if you are planning a Year End Celebration for your staff, an intimate Cocktail Party for clients or a new product launch. We will work with you to produce a menu full of flavour and flair, leaving a memorable impression.

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